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Considered the greatest entertainer of all time, Michael Jackson’s album, Thriller, is the biggest selling album worldwide in history helping make Michael the biggest-selling artist and single most awarded performer and the undisputed KING OF POP. Michael is a global icon who inspires the world through his music, artistic innovation, his signature dance moves and of course his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

As one of the biggest influences on music today, Michael Jackson broke record after record. In 1984 Michael Jackson became the first artist to walk away with 8 Grammys in one night, 7 of which were for his album Thriller. Also, who can forget his ground-breaking short films starting with Billie Jean, Beat It and Thriller, the only music video to be included on the elite National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.  Michael’s short films and the messages in his music like Man In The Mirror, Black or White, They Don’t Care About Us, Earth Song and Heal The World continue to be some of the most played videos and enjoyed by a whole new generation. It wasn’t just records he broke, it was barriers, helping pave the way for other artists.  In the 80’s Michael Jackson was the first black artist to have his music videos played in regular rotation on MTV, the only music video channel at that time. In 2014, Michael Jackson became the first artist in history to score a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades, further cementing his contribution and place in history.

Outside of music, Michael was equally committed to helping change the world, through his efforts around charity, pledging his time, talent and money to those in need. For example, there is We Are The World, written by Michael and his friend, Lionel Ritchie, remains the most successful single in history and raised more than $60 million to help fight famine in Africa when it was released.  Finally, it wouldn’t be a complete reflection of Michael unless you speak to his sense of style, serving as a trendsetter and fashion pioneer. From his extravagant accessories such as his fedora, crystal-encrusted glove or vast collection of embellished military jackets, Michael’s style continues to have an influence on the modern creative, with the icons of today continuing to mimick his style. 

With Michael’s incredible success and career, he has universal appeal from the corners of Asia to Europe, he has a committed fan base and an incredibly strong reach.  Building upon his accomplishments, the brand’s newest endeavor is a Broadway show, MJ: the Musical, scheduled for 2021 that features some of his most iconic music. 


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