Since 1240, the Abbey de Leffe in Belgium has welcomed all with open arms; the spirit of hospitality, authenticity and open-mindedness lies deep within Leffe’s foundations.  

Centuries ago, when the great plagues had made water unsafe to drink, the Abbey monks brewed a delicious and nutritious beer to give away to villagers as a substitute for contaminated water. This is how Leffe was born. 

Through the years, Leffe remained true to its brewing traditions, using  its well-guarded recipe to offer a range of delicious Leffe beers. Today Leffe is not just the number one speciality beer in France and Belgium, but also the world’s biggest abbey beer, savoured in over 60 countries around the globe.  

Leffe’s core values of premium quality, community and heritage are recognised and enjoyed in every Leffe beer produced, each variety with its own distinct flavour and ideal food-pairing enhances the drinking experience. 

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