Fiat Professional

For over 100 years Fiat Professional has been the proud server of professional working men and women all over the world with vehicles that are functional, reliable, practical and affordable.

With its century-long history and deep understanding of the needs of working people as related to moving, transporting and delivering physical goods of all kinds, and in environments ranging from rural to urban, Fiat Professional is the reliable partner for people who need to get things done. The brand understands and values this position and works every day to improve it with new and updated vehicles like the Fiat Ducato, Fiat Fiorino and the Fiat Fullback among others. 

Fiat Professional manufactures vehicles made by workers for workers -- providing mobility solutions that save time and hassle thanks to a dedicated design vision always focused on marrying adaptable and efficient functionality with ease of use and reliability at an accessible price. 

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