Bill Murray Unveils The New Jeep E-Bike In Iconic Super Bowl 2020 Ad

MIAMI (4 February 2020) – During the 54th annual Super Bowl this year, Jeep revealed an iconic commercial starring Bill Murray to promote the latest Gladiator pickup and also tease their new upcoming e-bike; an all-electric, all-terrain mountain bike. 

Murray stars in the 60-second Jeep commercial in the form of a reprise of his unforgettable role in the iconic 1993 movie comedy Groundhog Day. “In my wildest dreams, any advertiser’s dream, really, could you dare to believe that Bill Murray would agree to be in your Super Bowl commercial, and on top of that, ask him to relive his iconic role in Groundhog Day?” said Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer of FCA. “When we learned that Groundhog Day fell on Super Bowl Sunday for the second time in 54 years, we couldn’t help but take that chance. The stars magically aligned.”

With electrically powered scooters and bikes spreading to cities across the country and world, Fiat Chrysler Automobile continues to expand its footprint in the micro-mobility sector. The Jeep e-bike will be the brand's first execution in North America following the success of a range of existing Jeep e-bikes in Asia.

As electrically powered scooters and bikes spread to cities across the country and world, the vehicle will be capable of achieving 40 miles (64 km) on a single charge, have a 750W electric motor and will feature extra wide 4.8-inch tires.

It is scheduled to go on sale this June and interested customers can sign up to receive more information about the bike as time draws nearer to its official launch: