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Vincent van Gogh is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of western art and one of the most iconic artists of all time.

Universally adored, van Gogh is one of the only 19th century artists to be a household name around the world and both his art as well as his short life have struck a particular chord with generation after generation -- inspiring songs, poems and literature like perhaps no other artist before or after him.

Van Gogh’s signature painting styles of vivid colors and dramatic, emphatic bold brushwork played a key role in the evolution of modern art and render his work highly recognizable even to the uninitiated.  He has brought us some of today’s best known and most celebrated masterpieces, amongst which The Starry Night, Cafe Terrace At Night, Irises and The Red Vineyard.

Ironically, considering how much he is revered today, van Gogh was unsuccessful during his own lifetime and led an emotion-charged life of rage and bouts of depression bordering on madness – in one famous instance resulting in his severing part of his own left ear. The recognition of his profound brilliance by multiple generations of posterity has cemented his name and story in the public’s imagination as the quintessential tortured artist and misunderstood genius – most memorably put to music in the Don McLean song “Vincent”.

Nearly 120 years later, Vincent van Gogh’s work continues to influence our culture today, inspiring the way mankind views and appreciates beauty, persona, individuality and the natural world. His name and life will forever evoke senses of idealism and the romantic muse that captures the spirit of youth of every new generation. It is for these reasons that van Gogh’s art is regularly sought by brands to be featured on premium products of fashion, home décor, beauty and design, attracting young and old alike.

Vincent van Gogh’s extraordinary legacy lives on through the Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam. The museum houses the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, drawing more than 2.3 million visitors annually. 

The Van Gogh Museum have also created the 'Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience' where visitors all around the world can explore how Vincent van Gogh became the influential, world-famous artist of today. Find out more here:

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