Royal Navy

As the Senior Service the Royal Navy represents a unique combination of history, heritage and professionalism.

The Royal Navy consists of a unique combination of integrated land, air and sea capabilities, making it one of the most respected and elite forces in the world.

Even during a time of peace the Royal Navy is always working. All year round it is deployed globally to combat terrorism, piracy, trafficking and illicit trade. The Royal Navy also provides humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever it is needed most.

The Royal Navy is especially well-known for its Royal Marines Commandos. This specialist amphibious fighting force is renowned worldwide for its expertise and can be deployed across the globe at immediate notice on operations from the jungle to the Arctic.

With over 500 years of history, the recent commissioning of its biggest warship yet, a continuing positive public profile in the media and beyond, the Royal Navy represents a tremendous licensing opportunity across a broad spectrum of categories.

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