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Miss Universe is one of the world’s most viewed TV events reaching 600 MM people in over 170 countries who watch the annual pageantry for its glamour, excitement and beautiful contestants coming from countries and cultures all over the world.  

With over 90 final contestants each year, Miss Universe celebrates a diverse group of bold, ambitious women, each with their own story to tell, while representing a global display of fashion and personal style. With strong multi-cultural appeal, content and awareness, the Miss Universe brand delivers a dynamic, global platform of female influencers sharing their stories and cultures while shaping how we consider and define glamour, style and beauty.

Marketed 365 days a year through multiple media platforms, Miss Universe generates worldwide press and commentary each year and has a passionate social media following of over 380 million.

Miss Universe licensees will be able to use imagery of the contestants to brand, market and promote licensed product. In addition, top finalists and Miss Universe herself will also be made available for bespoke fashion shoots and appearances.

Miss Universe is a unique fashion and beauty brand of global appeal and diversity, projected by the world’s most glamorous brand ambassadors and speaking to women of all cultures with a universal message to be “Beautifully Confident” inside and out.

Official Website: https://www.missuniverse.com

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