Like Nastya

Like Nastya, also known as Anastasia, is a global phenomenon like no other. With her regular output of video stories Nastya has captured the attention of children through the powerful platform YouTube -- the preferred medium for children’s entertainment.  Her audience is vast, growing and  enthusiastic -- so much so that with over 45 million subscribers, 6-year old Anastasia is the only creator in YouTube History to receive 4 Diamond Awards - the YouTube award given for surpassing ten million subscribers. 

With an incredible 3.3 billion (yes billion!) average monthly views, Like Nastya channels are not only beating major family studios like Disney and Nickelodeon, but depending on the month, Like Nastya has been the third or fourth most popular channel on YouTube overall in the world!  

With her channels dubbed in multiple languages and with communication and stories universally intuitive and appealing to children, Anastasia’s audience is growing all over the globe with top viewing countries ranging from the United States and Brazil, to India and her native born country of Russia. 

In the rapidly expanding universe of digital talent, Anastasia’s brand stands above all others and has been able to remain dynamic and engaging through consistent content output that is educational, family-oriented, fun, positive and colorful. 

From her ordinary yet enchanted world of play, learning and adventure, Anastasia's videos take children on story journeys of discovery where every day has something new and special to offer.  

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