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Crafted by the “First Family of Bourbon”, Jim Beam® is one of the top selling bourbons in the world. The proud family heritage still defines its operations today, now with the 7th and 8th generation of Beams still involved in the curation and production of one of the oldest trademarks in America -- a remarkable 225-year-old legacy!  The family’s continued involvement guarantees the Jim Beam core brand philosophy, manifested across all its products and operating activities and best expressed in the company’s inviting credo: "Come as Friends, Leave as Family".

Jim Beam believes nothing is more important than making people feel like they belong. It’s how Jim Beam runs their business and makes their whiskey.  And it’s why all the seven prior generations of the family are on the label of the bottle: because maintaining that “spirit” is as valuable to them as the liquid spirit inside the bottle.

Jim Beam wants people to enjoy their bourbon together which is why their product is deliberately accessible and free of pretense. Jim Beam in summary represents all the characteristics that define America at its best: a native product borne out of ingenuity and innovation, a quality yet unpretentious offering that has developed a worldwide following, a proud heritage based on downhome values, and a welcoming spirit open to all. 

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