Janie and Jack

The story of Janie and Jack began in 2002 with girls and boys clothing made for lasting memories.  Janie and Jack represents the aspirational glamorous mom and offers accessible head to toe outfitting for every one of your child’s occasions. Their selection is finely crafted using rich fabrics and is offered in sizes from newborn to 12 to help dress your child in style, inspired by the places we go, the people we admire and all the unexpected stuff in between.  This is apparel made to last and keepsakes that can stay with your family and be handed down for generations or donated for someone else to love. Janie and Jack is the gold standard for children’s apparel and is committed to constant improvement. Their goal is to make every moment of childhood fun, special, and inspiring. Janie and Jack is a design house with every kid at heart – because individual style starts early.


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