James B. Beam

James B. Beam Distilling Company, a division of Premium Spirits leader, Beam Suntory offers a rich portfolio of brands that includes Jim Beam®, Booker’s®, Baker’s®, Knob Creek®, Basil Hayden’s®, Little Book® and Legent®.

Built on values of humility, hard work and community, James B. Beam Distilling Company is the legacy of eight generations of master distillers and bourbon craftsmanship. The story of bourbon is many ways the story of America. America’s “native spirit”, like the nation, is a story of independence, leadership, creativity and growth. And this quintessentially American story can be distilled in the story of a single family -- the Beams from Kentucky. For generations, they’ve made bourbon “the Beam way”, with uncompromising quality, continuous improvement and never resting on their laurels.

Every brand in the James B. Beam Distilling Company is distinctive. Together they make up a family of American spirits that is second to none, all of them united by the strong ties of the Beam family but each label with its own identity and providing their own unique tasting experience. 

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Knob Creek                                      Basil Hayden's                                    Booker's


Baker's                                             Little Book                                         Legent


Jim Beam