Gerry Cosby

Gerry Cosby started his incredible love affair with sports almost from birth. He enjoyed playing all sports and displayed a tremendous aptitude in tennis, golf, ice hockey, baseball and basketball. Hockey soon became his main interest, and his skill as an ice hockey goaltender became well known. He was part of the Massachusetts Rangers, the American team that won the 1933 World Ice Hockey Championships and his outstanding performance (allowing 1 goal in 5 games) helped lead the United States to their first, and only, gold medal at the World Ice Hockey Championships. In 1997, he was inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame.

Since he was also fascinated by the science of hockey and its equipment, in 1939, he founded the successful sporting goods and athletic equipment company, Gerry Cosby & Co., along with his brother John. The company supplies hockey and other sports equipment to amateur and professional teams throughout North America. Gerry Cosby's products are worn by many players of major sports in the USA as well as a large number of consumers in Japan.

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