Football Greats Alliance

“The Football Greats Alliance provides opportunities for retired players to band together for a wide variety of partnerships. These deals will have direct financial benefits to the players involved, and more importantly, will provide revenue for the Greater Good Fund, which will benefit the health and welfare of retired players.”

 - Jim Brown, Chairman of the Board

The Football Greats Alliance allows one-stop shopping for companies seeking to leverage retired NFL players for a variety of licensing, marketing and promotional initiatives. The FGA harnesses the power of the game’s legends, offering efficiency in access, pricing and execution. A portion of revenue from FGA partnerships will go toward the Greater Good Fund, which has been established to help support health and welfare programs for retired NFL players.

Through the FGA, 22,000 of the greatest athletes to have played pro football can now be reached in a simple manner by licensees and sponsors, while the players can also engage potential marketing partners. While group licensing is the primary focus of partnerships, the Football Greats Alliance can assist with larger marketing and sponsorship initiatives.

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