Brigitte Bardot

French bombshell, international sex symbol, Saint Tropez libertine siren …Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot from Paris, France – also known simply as “BB” -  is the actress, singer and global superstar who defined female beauty and sexuality for two decades with a unique allure and effortless nonchalance that has remained indelibly imprinted in popular culture.

The Bardot Mystique continues to pervade the universe of fashion as designer after designer, and photographer after photographer, try to recreate “the Bardot look” – her lips, her hair, her eyes and her poses --  with new generations of models from Gisele to Kate Moss. 

Not only her unique look, but her personal and distinctive fashion choices – gingham prints, capri pants, micro shorts, headbands and “barely there” bikinis continue to influence fashion trends around the world today with periodic revivals and fresh takes on the Bardot style.

Most recently Bardot's iconic prints including the 1971 cigar photo, from set of The Legend of Frenchie King, was featured in a collaboration with LA based designer, Anine Bing. Read all about the collection and launch here.

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