American Freshman

"Freshman” – that’s the name given to every first year student on the pristine green, post-card pretty college campuses of America. “Freshman” because for every 18 year old boy or girl, “college” is a fresh and new beginning to life. On your own for the first time it is a time to make new friends, see new things, explore new ideas and engage in new activities. A time to take your own decisions, set your own goals and objectives and plot your own course. American Freshman is the American collegiate lifestyle brand that embodies the aspirations of that first year college Freshman. Optimistic, confident, dreaming -- but with feet on the ground, looking forward - that’s the youthful “can do” spirit of American Freshman.

The American Freshman brand is an aspirational fashion-forward casual youth brand and is therefore ideal for apparel, headwear, footwear, accessories and bags licensees looking to develop inspired, authentic American lifestyle products that capture the genuine US collegiate look.

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