Gotcha is a classic surfwear company founded in 1978 in Laguna Beach California, the ultimate destination for sun, sand and surf. Gotcha as a brand is deep-rooted in Surf. However, it is an all encompassing lifestyle brand equally as important and trendsetting in the Snow and Skate worlds as it has been for 30 years in Surf.

Influenced by the wild and rebellious personalities within its surfing community, Gotcha quickly established itself as a leader in the alternative and extreme lifestyle sector. Following a strict code of pure surfing, freestyling, fashion and fun, the brand has remained true to its following and continues to make a positive impact on surfing around the globe.

With an exciting vision that transcends the typical boundaries of sports fashion, and a passion which inspires the likes of Christian Wach, a Gotcha team rider to surf the deadliest and most feared waves known to man, the company strives to reach the top tier of extreme sporting apparel.

Continually reinventing and innovating what they love, surfing and the spirit of Californian surfwear, Gotcha remains a formidable brand with many more waves to surf.

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