The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow® is a historic brand of Bel Group. It is created in 1921, in France. At that time, it is a revolution – the first processed cheese easy to preserve and carry, along the uniqueness of a smiling red cow, designed by the famous illustrator Benjamin Rabier. The success of the product is immediate and in 1929, the round box starts its conquest abroad.

Today The Laughing Cow® exists in 137 countries and has become a true icon. Its values of conviviality, humor, innovation and accessibility are timeless and define the brand forever. Its design has always reflected its time and its taste has been adapted to each region. The brand keeps evolving.

Nearly 95 years old, and her smile hasn’t faded. Her audacious personality allows her to occasionally leave the milk and cheese path to conquer new territories.


-        Present in 137 countries on 5 continents

-        World’s 4th best-selling cheese brand

-        263 million consumers worldwide

-        Awareness: France 96% , UK 90% , Belgium 91% , Spain 90% , USA 86%

-        More than 1 million fans on Facebook in France only