The FA

The Football Association, also known simply as The FA, is the governing body of football in England. Formed in 1863, it is the world's oldest national football association. It is responsible for all regulatory aspects of the game in England.

Its activities are many and varied and include the following:

Promoting the development of the game and promoting the availability of the sport to the greatest possible number of people.

Regulating the game on and off the field of play through the "Laws of the Game" and the "Rules of The Association".

Sanctioning, all matches, leagues and competitions played in England

Overseeing the administration of the disciplinary system

Organising a number of senior men’s, youth and women’s national competitions (including most notably The FA Challenge Cup) and the participation of England national representative teams (again, senior men’s, youth and women’s teams) in international matches, most notably the men’s senior team in the FIFA World Championships and the UEFA European Championships and friendly fixtures

 The FA acts as the link between the professional game and the amateur game beneath, what they call the "National Game". There are tremendous links between the two sides of the game, not least of these is that the volunteers and players in the National Game are substantially football fans, who are therefore the customers of the professional game.

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