Royal Air Force

The Royal Air Force is revered throughout the world for its heritage and continuous pursuit of excellence since its inception in 1918. With exciting fast jets like the Typhoon and life-saving services provided by Search and Rescue Sea King helicopters, the RAF's daily combination of tradition and cutting edge technology, allows the RAF to perform a variety of roles across the world, whether humanitarian or protecting the UK's interests.

The bravery and commitment of the Royal Air Force was first brought to the public's attention during the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940 when Churchill reminded the nation that "never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few". The sound of a Spitfire's engine still makes people of a certain generation tingle with pride today and crowds flock to air shows across the country to see the ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ showcasing these and other wonderful aircraft in flight, over 70 years later. As it approaches its centenary in 2018, the RAF has more recently been remembered and celebrated for another key aerial role in WWII, the daring Dambusters raids conducted by the crews of the heroic Lancaster Bombers in 1944.

The RAF also has one of the best-known aerobatic display teams in the world, The RAF Red Arrows, who are celebrating their 50th display season in 2014. At air shows across the UK and worldwide, quite literally millions of people experience and admire their split-second routines and precision flying every year, in flashes of their iconic red, white and blue livery and smoke trails.


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