Ethical Goods

Ethical Goods is a brand which socially impacts consumers and those around the world who need aid.

A pioneering social enterprise solely dedicated to marketing branded consumer products with a fixed and transparent charitable donation, Ethical Goods is establishing itself as a charitable standard in addition to a charitable contributor.

Shoppers "know how much they're giving" and "know who and how they help", because the donation amount for each purchased product is clearly communicated and the social impact of this donation is tangible and measurable - models already proven at market with Thirsty Planet and Aquaid respectively.


Ethical Goods designs, markets and consequently sells branded product using consumer researched branding to add value to existing consumer products while simultaneously donating money to selected charities and causes. Ethical Goods the brand offers consumers a truly ethical and honest alternative to everyday products beyond a logo and stamped accreditation.

In conjunction with their charity partners, Ethical Goods aspires to create fresh, powerful and recognised brands which represent "the ethical choice" for consumers with a conscience.